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Searching for September allows readers to unearth their own feelings about life's voyage in a space that is thought-provoking and inspirational.

Please enjoy reading every line as much as I have
enjoyed writing it for all of us.

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My Story

Robin A. Lieberman, a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn, has remained true to her roots by raising her daughter and son in New York with its buzzing, unparalleled energy. Ms. Lieberman resides in Manhattan and fills her personal life with world travel and quality time with her family and intimate circle of friends.


Ms. Lieberman began her career as a school counselor in her early twenties, serving students in the public school system. As a 35 year veteran, their academic, social, and emotional needs continue to spark her passion to mold impressionable young adults as they struggle toward maturity. 


While fulfilling a career in education, she has nurtured her writing through memoirs and poetry. Ms. Lieberman called on her own triumph through personal disappointments and unbounded joys, which have given her the impetus to share a view of the world through her lens. Ardently putting pen to paper, with a vivid imagination, her audience joins her on this journey through a powerful fictional storyline.


Author's Statement

"There's a fire in all of us. We own it, control it, and must protect it from others who try to diminish it."


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